Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bling Ring

Like many Sofia Coppola films, The Bling Ring had a large focus on success and isolation. Being based on actual events made it much more interesting as well as give the long shots of the burglaries more meaning. It was like I was there watching the celebrities houses and thinking 'how could they possibly leave doors unlocked with all their valuables inside?'. So I didn't leave the theater feeling like I wanted to go rob Paris Hilton, but it did leave me with that feeling of being indestructible. I always like films with more character depth but these were shallow people anyway, there wasn't much behind their intentions except attention. There was merely a surface level of fact but a heaping amount of "action". Seventy-five percent, or so, of the hour and a half long movie was of the celebrities houses. Once the story got to the court scenes, I really wanted to see more of that but it left mystery. The entire mystery of Hollywood and how everything goes unexplained. One big highlight was Emma Watson. It is always hard to see her as anything other than Hermione Granger but again she played the the self-obsessed glamor girl effortlessly. No library in sight.

So definitely go see it. But be sure to expect and look for that underlying meaning. She doesn't sell you short. Even if that's what it feels like.

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